It’s not like I don’t have my doubts. I do. I’m constantly putting my motives under the microscope. Is this just an insatiable need for love and validation? Am I simply trying to fill some unfillable void? Is it attention seeking behaviour? Am I a completely selfish person behaving in a very hurtful way? Am I simply trying to fill some unfillable void? Am I just a sex and love addict? Is love addiction really thing? Or is it really coming from a woundedness of heart? Maybe all addiction is?

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Polyamory Principles for Everyone

I first started reading about Polyamory as a relationship style about 10 years ago, and I was deeply challenged by the concept in every way. What occurred to me was how confident within yourself, and in your connection with your partner, you would have to be, to successfully pull off such a thing.  A profound self-awareness would need to be matched by the skills required to communicate it, while armed with a bulletproof self-esteem and a sick fascination with emotional pain. What kind of wild roller-coaster ride would this look like? It sounded like extreme sports for the heart! I was intrigued.

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